This year, Russian-Peruvian diplomatic relations have reached the half-century mark. What are the main achievements of bilateral relations during this time?

This year we are commemorating 50 years since the establishment of the resident Missions in Moscow and Lima. But the diplomatic relations between our countries actually began in 1863 and go back to the times of Emperor Alexander II. In recent years we have been making efforts to put greater substance to our Joint Declaration of Strategic Partnership signed in November 2015. The biggest achievement so far has been the increase of bilateral trade, which in 2018 amounted to $574 million. I am happy when I see mangos, grapes, avocados and trout from Peru in supermarkets in Moscow, but even more so when I see that people know superfoods from the Andes. Russian scientists predicted quinoa, maca, and chia will be the food of the future in the world.


When you started your work in Moscow? To what extent did your expectations of the country match the reality?

I have always admired the rich culture of Russia. However, after serving as Ambassador in Moscow for two years so far, I have to confess that the reality has exceeded all of my expectations. Russia is not only rich in natural resources and vast territory, but it also has a very active people, and it is building an efficient economy and developing its own technology on solid foundations. Russia is more than just a nation it is great diversity. Not only in history and tradition, but in art, culture, and also in new contemporary trends open to the world.


Have you travelled much around Russia? Where are your favourite places to visit?

I try to travel as much as my responsibilities and declared love for Moscow allow for. So far I’ve been in St. Petersburg and in the cities of the Golden Ring. It is difficult to reconcile duty, which takes me by plane to the big cities to visit the authorities, and my romantic Latin spirit that pushes me to the small picturesque towns with fascinating landscapes — better if it is horse riding, which is my favourite sport.


What joint Russian-Peruvian cultural events can we look forward to this year?

I believe that mutual knowledge among the people lays the foundations for developing the best relations between the countries. The cultural events organized by the embassy, seek to show our Russian friends different aspects of the Peruvian culture, for which we always have the valuable support of the authorities of Russia. I hope that you could visit the exhibition sponsored by the Embassy "The Gold of the Inca Empire, Two Thousand Years of Great Civilization" at the Russian Ethnography Museum in St. Petersburg.


Peruvian cuisine strongly affects global gastronomic trends. Have you ever been to any national restaurants in Moscow?

We take much pride from our cuisine that has been recognized around the world. I have definitely visited some Peruvian restaurants in Moscow that, despite the difficulties they face in getting access to some of the ingredients, represent us very well. Gastronomy is one of the best windows to look out to Peru. I assure you that after tasting the Peruvian dishes you will want to visit us, to know the cradle of the oldest cultures of America, its fascinating landscapes and ethnic diversity.

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