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Согласие на выезд для несовершеннолетних

Travel Authorization for Minors


The document issued and authorized by the consular official, through which both parents authorize the travel of their underage child outside of Peruvian territory, either alone or accompanied by one of them. This document is valid for only one use and is turned in to the Peruvian migration authority.


Special Cases

It is possible that only one parent grant permission to travel in the following cases:

• When the other parent has died.

• When the minor has been recognized by only one parent.



• Certified copy of the child's birth certificate.

• Identification document of the parents of the child requesting authorization.

  o If Peruvian, DNI.

  o If a foreigner, passport (the document that identifies them in that country).

• Information relevant to the trip, such as: city of departure, city of destination, departure date, return date, etc.



20.00 Consular Soles (*)



Following the provision of the Peruvian National Superintendent of Migration, in the case of Peruvian minors residing abroad who have stayed more than three (03) months in Peru, they will receive a mandatory Travel Authorization.

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